Explore the world with your baby.

Your baby is the most important one in your life. Gone are the days when you wanted to experience happiness with your child, but faced situations where you just couldn’t get around easily with your pram or stroller. Now you can take your baby anywhere while being hands free.

PramBag will change the way you move with your baby by giving the convenience one needs to maintain an active lifestyle. Now you can take your baby to places from cozy coffee shops, busy shopping malls to hiking, basically everywhere.


Super easy one-motion fold. 

Now you can transform your pram into a compact and superlight baby-carrying solution in one simple movement. It just takes a few seconds, and all while the baby is comfortable, safe and undisturbed inside. It is so compact that it fits anywhere you want, from the back of your car to your apartment.


Convenience for mobility.

PramBag brings you extra convenience in every possible situation you’ll ever face in your city, such as descending stairs, using public transport and movement in uneven terrain. You can also travel with it abroad, and go outdoors. 


Hands free. Keep your baby closer.

PramBag empowers you to do things unlike any other stroller out there. Being hands free enables you to be close to your baby at all times. Scientific research has shown that this closeness promotes immense bonding between you and your baby.


Engineered for safety.

Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance to us. So we designed the folding mechanism to unfold around the baby’s personal space, without disturbing their sleep. We have also constructed the body from durable materials like aluminium.


Cool. Practical. Functional. Design.

Selecting a pram or stroller is very personal. As with all the things you take around, how it looks is as important as what it does. So we made PramBag to be exceptionally designed, both aesthetically and functionally. It looks incredibly cool, and it simplifies your experience from buying and carrying several baby-carrying solutions to one unified experience.