PramBag features overview

Hey you lovely supporters!

After countless meaningful customer insights, we have an all new iteration of the PramBag design which we are currently testing with our focus group. And if you (yes, you!) have some comments about it, we'd love to hear them - just shoot an email to

Here are some highlights of the PramBag re-design:

And here's how it compares with Bugaboo Bee 3 - one of the best selling city strollers:

PramBag winter newsletter

Wishing you a warm and peaceful holiday time.

As our team unwind from this roller-coaster ride of a year, we can look at countless things we've learnt, so many experiences - some good and some bad. We've become wiser and definitely achieved a lot with such a small team, limited budget and short about of time. 

We'd like to share with you some updates after three of our founders moved to the Estonian Build it accelerator in September. 

1. All new design

We've had our hands busy with some intensive product design. We began with showing our previous product design to several parents in our focus group. By focusing on the positives and negatives, we iterated on it and here is our next generation design:



2. All new website

Our brand identity and image is better reflected in our new website. Have a look:

3. We talked to so many of you - parents, mentors and industry experts

We  you for taking the time out to help us in our mission of empowering parents to explore the world with their baby. Your constant feedback and support helps us to challenge the status-quo with a completely new product aimed at reinventing urban mobility solutions for active parents with their baby. Our feedback now spans end-users across four continents, over 50 mentors and several industry experts from pediatricians to baby product CEOs.


4. Collaborating with some amazing mom bloggers

To get feedback on PramBag as well as to get the know the baby product industry, we've been talking to several mom bloggers. We look forward to have a great relationship with them in the future. We'll also be sharing their articles on PramBag at our social media channels. 



The PramBag team

Announcement: PramBag joins Estonian BuildIt hardware accelerator

Just a few months after graduating from the Summer of Startups accelerator at Startup Sauna in Finland, PramBag has been accepted to the BuildIt hardware accelerator in Estonia. 

We're happy and humbled to have joined the impressive BuildIt startups family and can't wait to make the most out of the next 3 months. Our company culture has been to learn from the best and work harder than ever towards our mission, and BuildIt enables connections with top notch mentors that enables us to do just that.

BuildIt is an accelerator for new global success stories in hardware. It is the first accelerator in the Baltic States and Nordic countries with a focus on physical devices. With a strong network of world-class mentors and prototyping access, they give you the right support towards making your product market-ready.

Our mission is to empower parents to explore the world with their baby. Forming a network of mentors in hardware industries and manufacturing can make or beak the success of a hardware startup like us. Hence, we are thrilled to get the support of BuildIt for improve the mobility of modern parents. We couldn't be more excited about the journey ahead.


Till next time,

The PramBag Team

PramBag Autumn newsletter

Hey friends and supporters of PramBag!

The last two months have been exciting for our company. After several feedback sessions with our focus group of young and active parents, we unveiled one of our prototypes at the Summer of Startups accelerator's Demo Day.


The demo day is a yearly event at Startup Sauna, Finland attended by around thousand attendees from the Nordic startup ecosystem. It was a memorable day and we want to thank all visitors to our demo booth for their honest and useful response. Days like these keep us working harder and makes it worth the effort. 

Here's 5 quick updates for you:

New prototype demo


After a few iterations of prototypes in the summer, we showcased the final one at Demo Day. The aim was to demonstrate the smooth and easy foldability of the stroller into baby-carrying backpack in less than 10 seconds. In the end, we are incredibly proud that we exceeded our goal by reducing the transition time to less than 5 seconds. Talk about ease of use!


Contact us if you want a private demo in the Aalto Design Factory (Betonimiehenkuja 5C Espoo, Finland).

From Customer feedback to product design

Our approach has been to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. For this, we organised several individual feedback sessions with young parents and test days. This helped us create a vision for PramBag that combines beautiful aesthetics and new functionality with fantastic ergonomics. 

blog prototype 2.png

We are about to start the next round this week. 

Our identity

We are introducing our logo and identity family that reflects our target customer and how they would use our product. Now we need your feedback. Tweet us what you feel. 


We are now everywhere (online). Well, almost.  

You can now find us at more places on this thing called the internet. Our website is live. We are also on Facebook where we will be posting cool stuff about our product and team. Come follow our journey!



We need connections to the baby prams and stroller industry

We are actively looking to meet experienced individuals in the baby stroller industry. If you know of anyone who we can benefit from talking to, we'd love for you to connect us.

P.S: Some cool announcements coming up later this week. Stay tuned for more!

PramBag's Summer of Startups journey | July newsletter

Hey friends and supporters of PramBag!

This summer has been as exciting as ever. PramBag is coming alive! 

During the past few weeks, we have focused on building our functional prototypes and subsequently received feedback from our focus group. Among other things, we have also kickstarted community building and go-to-market strategy validation. 

Here are some highlights:

  • We have had a super-talented designer Mikko join our team in June. His background is in Industrial Design and Architecture. He is also a PDP course-alumnus from Aalto Design Factory like the rest of the team. Mikko has a flair for elegant shapes in his designs and an excellent sense of combining design with engineering. We are thrilled to have such a talent in our team. 
  • During the past month, our techy mechanical engineers have built several iterations of amazing prototypes. The folding mechanisms are getting reliable, faster and more compact with every step.
  • We conducted test days during the last week, in which our focus group tried out PramBag prototypes. In addition, it led to valuable insights into the mobility and lifestyle problems of parents. We'd like to thank all the participating parents for helping us out. 

  • Our time at the Summer of Startups accelerator program has enabled us to meet lots of interesting people and coaches. The whole team has learnt so much from the amazing individuals and community. We are extremely grateful.
  • What's next?

    We are now gearing up to work intensively and get ready for the Summer of Startups Demo Day. AND you're invited! Hope to see you on 7th August at Startup Sauna. We have something great to show you.

    Our team at PramBag wishes you enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay tuned for more!


PramBag June Newsletter

Hey friends and supporters of PramBag!

We've had an eventful spring and a lot has happened since you last heard from us. 

Foremost, after moving back from Aalto Startup Center's incubator to Otaniemi we got accepted into Startup Sauna's Summer of Startups accelerator program from amongst a hundred applications. SoS is a two-month accelerator program culminating in the Demo day on the 7th of August (you'll receive an update and invite from us later in the summer). We are super excited for this summer and are striving to present our functional prototype at Demo day.

Here are some highlights:

  • Our new mechanical engineers, Pravin and Santtu, joined the team as techy product developers to help fast-track our research and prototyping efforts during the summer. They share our passion for user-centric design and make engineering magic look and feel good.
  • We conducted a diary study on our user group to better understand how parents with small children get around on a daily basis. We followed that up with in-depth interviews to further understand the problems of parents while travelling and living with their child. The study was incredibly insightful and a huge thanks goes out to all participants!
  • Through happenstance and a heap of luck we managed to acquire a decent stockpile of new building materials for our summer prototyping purposes.

What we're working on right now:

  • New round of user studies is coming up; we're going to be launching a short survey in the coming weeks to quantify our understanding of potential user base.
  • Our engineers are building new prototypes of different mechanical solutions for the structure of PramBag before committing to a particular design.
  • We're going to start approaching potential partner companies for our launch soon.
  • We're finally getting incorporated in the upcoming weeks.

TL;DR: PramBag's going strong. Stay tuned for monthly newsletters. You can also follow us on Twitter: @PramBag

Our team at PramBag wishes you a relaxing midsummer!