PramBag's Summer of Startups journey | July newsletter

Hey friends and supporters of PramBag!

This summer has been as exciting as ever. PramBag is coming alive! 

During the past few weeks, we have focused on building our functional prototypes and subsequently received feedback from our focus group. Among other things, we have also kickstarted community building and go-to-market strategy validation. 

Here are some highlights:

  • We have had a super-talented designer Mikko join our team in June. His background is in Industrial Design and Architecture. He is also a PDP course-alumnus from Aalto Design Factory like the rest of the team. Mikko has a flair for elegant shapes in his designs and an excellent sense of combining design with engineering. We are thrilled to have such a talent in our team. 
  • During the past month, our techy mechanical engineers have built several iterations of amazing prototypes. The folding mechanisms are getting reliable, faster and more compact with every step.
  • We conducted test days during the last week, in which our focus group tried out PramBag prototypes. In addition, it led to valuable insights into the mobility and lifestyle problems of parents. We'd like to thank all the participating parents for helping us out. 

  • Our time at the Summer of Startups accelerator program has enabled us to meet lots of interesting people and coaches. The whole team has learnt so much from the amazing individuals and community. We are extremely grateful.
  • What's next?

    We are now gearing up to work intensively and get ready for the Summer of Startups Demo Day. AND you're invited! Hope to see you on 7th August at Startup Sauna. We have something great to show you.

    Our team at PramBag wishes you enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay tuned for more!